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Update to Drupal 6.0

So I updated the server software to 6.0beta1 and the results seem ok so far. I am using only core modules in this blog so it was an easy choice to upgrade this instance of drupal. I have side by side installations of drupal based on version number and apache site config files pick their base directory as appropriate. The upgrade was pretty straight forward, but my attempts to set up a virgin site were more troublesome. <!--break-->

WUUG Meeting

I went to my first ever meeting of the Windsor UNIX Users Group. This was there first meeting for a while and was just an informal chit-chat of five of us at the Coffee Exchange downtown. They were a very welcoming group and I hope that the WUUG manages to arrange more meetings in the future. Despite being a computer dilitente, I don't think I came across as a total idiot.

Comment Spam

I've just deleted 60 comment spams from my blog. It was just junk about prescription drugs that was supposed to influence google no doubt --- but I had turned html input off so it was just unformatted text making the whole exercise pointless for the spammer. Thst didn't stop them though. Now all anonymous comments will have to go through moderation before they will litter up the postings. Sigh.


I've haven't been blogging amd my writing skills are beginning to atrophy. I wasn't at a high level of proficiency to start with, so any losses leave me very badly off. What I have been doing is learning the basics of windsurfing. My neighbour Kevin has a windsurfer (actually a Bic) that I have taken onto the water a few times --- or rather have taken myself into the water not less than a few times by falling off while the board floats and sail sits safely and securely lying flat along the water.

Strange Attractors

Weird things pop out of the most mundane looking differential equations. I don't really know how to take it all in.

Main Machine Name Change

I just changed the name of the main machine from to I have long been using the name as a proxy for the machine to differentiate it from the gestalt of the draisey computing kingdom but, as the only server on the greater internet, the name for the machine itself stuck; if I hadn't added some Google Apps into the zone I probably would never bothered with the name change. I haven't hit any snags so far, although I just remembered that I shall need to update the reverse DNS records too.

Phase One

So I've completed the first part of my Google App migration of the domain. The google accounts are active and ready to go and the domain name system database is set up and seems to have fully migrated out into the wild --- at least my own mail from the house is bieng directed through google now. I haven't yet told the main internet server of its demotion on the SMTP front. I'll have to do this next so I can forward mail from the server through google --- if I just change the aliases file to point to the new accounts I will just end up with a routing loop. I've thought of several ways of breaking the loop that will work, given the extreme flexibility of exim in routing mail, but I've decided that it is hazardous to my well being.

Migrate to Google Apps

I've decided to move my mail handling over to Google. It amazes me that you can get free email through google on your own domain name. My expensive server is almost completely redundant. Also it is a pain to maintain and its spam filtering performance is much worse that what google can acheive. I expect better levels of service for much less money ($0). I've already started forwarding my personal email through my gmail account and now intend to map over all the family's mail to their own Google App GMail account.

Puppy on a Laptop

I just finished playing with Puppy Linux on my Dad's Acer Aspire 1690 laptop and was amazed at how well and effortless it ran. I had to download and burn a ~100MiB ISO which didn't take long. The CD was burnt as a multisession CD which Puppy can take advantage of later. After one wasted reboot through the agonizingly slow XP boot sequence, I changed the BIOS to boot first from the CD and let Puppy loose. The boot itself was in text mode and first asked me for special boot parameters, I just hit enter and hoped for the best. Then there was a long pause saying that pup_215.sfs was loading into tmpfs --- I thought the machine had locked up, but it hadn't and resumed its initial boot. Then came a textual dialogue for setting up the graphical screen; I selected the recommended Xorg set-up and all went well. The graphical screen than came up with shocking speed, and I was confronted with an immediately functional desktop. How weird.

Bec's Art Show Moving to the Sault

Well, Bec's giant wall poster display started to come down today and she is off to Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow. That's a lot of masking tape to pull down.


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