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Bec's Art Show Opening

It was the opening of Bec's and Maria's art show home is where the art is..... It was well attended and everyone seemed impressed. It went off quite well.

Upgraded the Server Kernel to 2.6

This is now running on a server with a shiny new Linux 2.6.20 UML kernel through bytemark hosting. They had surreptitiously ugraded by root filesystem by adding a static /dev directory and updating the /etc/fstab. Hey, that's not what I expected. I don't mind, seeing as was not looking forward to having to pull it off myself, but was quite surprised to discover that my virtual machine had been prepared to accept a newer kernel.

It does seem to work. Magic scares me though.

Final Drupal Migration

I've finally put to bed the last of my drupal 4.7 sites. Everything is running on 5.1 now. The migration was pretty smooth despite the vast number of small fiddly bits that needed changing; everything worked pretty much according to plan, which is surprising for combined software/database/server migrations; I seem to know what I am doing!!!

Flow of Subconsiousness

Or perhaps even that is an exaggeration. I am over at my Aunt's place and she and my mother are watching and listening to a Roy Orbison concert on a huge plasma TV with surround sound. It really is quite impressive, although they seem to be chatting through it depsite the spectacle.

Bec's Home

My sister came home from a two month stint in Cambodia. Wow.

My Dad's Photos

I've been scanning some of my Dad's photos into the computer and putting them on the web at

Home Video

Felix gave a DVD copy of a home movie he had made at a garden party my parents attended many years ago. It had only a few indirect shots of my dad and snatches of conversation. It was odd. I don't know how to feel about it. Pleased, I suppose, but it was odd.

Google Apps

I've spent most of the day experimenting with Google Apps and I am disappointed to say that it doesn't live up to its potential. Basically it is a branded version of the mainline gmail, google calendar, and google docs and spreadsheets together with a simple and graphical web page editor. Unfortunately, none of these versions seem to work quite as well as the ones that work through google's own domains. Further the expected integration with these bundled apps just doesn't exist.

Email Woes

My email is a pain. I run my own domain so I have a nice cusom email address but the server gets pounded by vast amounts of spam attempts. To keep my server load down I just reject out of hand any server whose domain name entries are malformed or generated from a purely dynamic ip address. This used to work fine but, with increasing frequency, valid sources of email are misconfiguring their domains and my mail isn't coming in. I'm down to about a 75% success rate, which really isn't very good. I might have to start more complex filtering.

Updating my drupal sites

I've started updating my drupal sites from 4.7 to 5 and am very pleased with the results. The upgrade process itself was somewhat problematic, however; the database upgrade script kept stalling half-way through for an unknown reason. I eventually kicked it a couple of times and eventually it did something, though how or why I don't know. The multiple overriding upgrades didn't seem to hurt the final results despite the hideous looking error logs afterwards. I just wish there were log entries from when it just sat there stalled doing nothing.


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