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So things are largely set up on the server, just waiting for to go live on the wuug nameservers ( is holding out for some reason). The git repository is set up at The public-6 branch will automatically checkout into /srv/drupal-6/sites/ which is the root of the config space for This checkout is done with user credentials, so I hope I confgured the group permissions correctly. I really should test this with a nested checkout to see whether checked out directories have the appropriate permissions and group ownership. I am setting the umask in the git update hook so it only a matter of the group for newly created files and directories that may be off. I have set the setgid bit on the root directory, and all new users are getting wuug as their primary group, so the only potential snag is in checkouts from me! This is my first attempt at administration for multiple users, so I may have messed it up.

I only have two users so far! And no activity.

Drush is now back in the path and so executing something like

$drush --root=/srv/drupal-6 --uri= status

should now work properly (i.e. without fork bombing). Drush is the drupal shell and can be quite a bit faster to use than the web interface. I handed out the user/password combo at the last meeting but only Patrick was there so that didn't quite work as planned. I think I'll just post it in a text file on the server (accessible through ssh)

I have pre-installed a bunch of modules in sites/all/modules which may be activated at any time. Other modules should be installable with drush --- putting standard modules into the git repository is a bad idea. Will have to test this.

The git repository is gitweb browsable, but only through my web site. I will have to get do something wuug branded. Also I haven't yet set up anonymous git pulls. That should be easy though.

I think I'll try some theming. I'll use with the Zen theme as the basis.