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Wireless Woes

I have a fever, my stomach is in turmoil, all my muscles hurt and to top off my woes I just bought a wifi router from dlink. It was the lowest end 802.11g router, and even though I overheard someone in the store say they would never buy dlink again, I had done well with the low end motorola and belkin stuff I had bought in the past --- it seemed unfair to pass them by on the evidence of a single aside --- that and it was $20 cheaper than the belkin, a big difference in this low-end commodity stuff. Anyway, the dlink just doesn't work with WEP and with my old hardware that is the only encryption choice I have. Arghh. I wouldn't have minded if they said it couldn't do that upfront, but to ship something without having actually tested it to see if it works (that was the awful thing --- it would work --- exactly once --- and thereafter fail consistently) Arghh.