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This is just a little blurb about me and my technology. I am interested in computers, preferably Unix like machines with their usual panoply of compilation and scripting tools. My current machines are a eight year old dell (600MHz coppermine with 192MiB RAM and a whopping 9GiB hard drive) running debian lenny squeeze, a new dell (a barebones Core 2 machine with 2GiB RAM and 160GiB drive) also runnlng debian lenny squeeze, and a cool little Asus Aspire One which I use as an internet appliance, which isn't running debian... yet. I have really liked Macs from when they were exotic and new, so I am continually disappointed in lack of progress of GUIs, to the point that I often prefer a text shell.

A screen dump of my typical desktop.

screen dump
the x session is Windowmaker, the file manager is gentoo