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So I'm burning time

Yep, burning time but I'm not at my computer doing it; I'm at my friend Gary's computer while he is off preparing his dinner I type away at his fast computer. Well, his machine is three years old so obsolete in computer time, but that still beats my six year old machine. We were bashing away at his scuba club's web site, adding a bit of content to the drupal site I have set up for them. I was at my Aunt's house today and helped her turn on her TV. Technology has become vastly too complex when it takes a manual and tech support to turn on your tube. It isn't a tube, which is the basic problem, it a great big enormous flat panel plasma which looks wonderful when its on. But, being so big and expensive, the remote control is the size of the television it replaced, studded with buttons and pop out panels, has universal remote facilities to control the separate satellite tuner and surround sound boxes, and is utterly incomprehensible. Wouldn't it be nice if the big expensive stuff had the small truly elegent controls that we all want and nobody delivers!