Updating my drupal sites

I've started updating my drupal sites from 4.7 to 5 and am very pleased with the results. The upgrade process itself was somewhat problematic, however; the database upgrade script kept stalling half-way through for an unknown reason. I eventually kicked it a couple of times and eventually it did something, though how or why I don't know. The multiple overriding upgrades didn't seem to hurt the final results despite the hideous looking error logs afterwards. I just wish there were log entries from when it just sat there stalled doing nothing.

So I'm burning time

Yep, burning time but I'm not at my computer doing it; I'm at my friend Gary's computer while he is off preparing his dinner I type away at his fast computer. Well, his machine is three years old so obsolete in computer time, but that still beats my six year old machine. We were bashing away at his scuba club's web site, adding a bit of content to the drupal site I have set up for them.

Fear and Loathing in Best Buy ...

Another boring day, although I am significantly wealthier today than I was yesterday. My mother transferred a big lump of cash (well actually 4%pa daily GIC) to me with very little fuss. I don't feel wealthier; it's just a little to abstract for my unimaginative brain. It's just going to sit there and generate interest, which isn't so bad.


I started this blog as a technical exercise, and then I thought it would be good for me to extend myself and start writing about something just for the sake of writing. But somehow I seem to have missed the point of blogging. I know of nothing interesting to write about --- like those terrible modern novels by the literary illuminati which end up being about nothing other than the lives of literary illuminati.

Webmastering for Dummies

I was persuaded by my friend Gary to take over the webmaster position for his dive club. I can't dive myself, except into a swimming pool, but Gary can be quite persuasive and seeing as Gary is president this year and the previous webmaster was having serious health problems I just sort of fell into it. The site is www.wssc.ca and is centuries old in web years. My plan has been to make the fewest possible changes without being lynched. It is a simple static site that is hosted for free by Kelcom, so any server side automation is out of the question.

Its One O'Clock and I Haven't Posted for Days

This is one of those flow of conciousness posts, but given the present state of my conciousness that could result in a awfully looking mess. I seem to be unable to keep up with my correspondence, despite the exceedingly small volume I am getting. I labour over three word replies for hours. I lose threads of conversation and don't pick them up again. There are things I should (must) do that do not happen.

Nonstandard Standard Libraries (and the Web)

Web technology fascinates me, even though I'm far too lazy to put the knowledge I accumulate to any use. And I do accumuate, like a magpie accumulates shiny objects, rather than synthesize that knowledge. Not actually applying this stuff limits one's ability to learn. It used to amaze me that these technology pundits and analysts spent years covering computer topics yet still seemed to miss all the essentials --- now I know why --- it is amazingly seductive to read and read and read and never actually learn a thing.

Wireless Woes

I have a fever, my stomach is in turmoil, all my muscles hurt and to top off my woes I just bought a wifi router from dlink. It was the lowest end 802.11g router, and even though I overheard someone in the store say they would never buy dlink again, I had done well with the low end motorola and belkin stuff I had bought in the past --- it seemed unfair to pass them by on the evidence of a single aside --- that and it was $20 cheaper than the belkin, a big difference in this low-end commodity stuff.


So my sister has bought herself a new MacBook. Naturally I snatched it from her hands as quickly as possible, she's barely been able to touch it. It is a very impressive piece of industrial design, and Apple has certainly mastered the art of designing a graceful user interface.

Experiencing the Surreal at the Tulloola Cafe

I struck an owl with my car yesterday, which might go some way to explaining my evening's --- well there is no real word to explain it --- it requires a physical component --- or rather you wish that you could have avoided the physical component, but by some quirk of cosmic significance beyond our comprehension you just couldn't. It started out harmlessly enough. I was to meet my sister at the Tulloola Cafe for a little bit to eat and an early evening's entertainment listening to a short programme of Trevor Malcolm on the piano accompanied by his digital self.


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