Teach Yourself Piano

Teach Yourself Piano is a Windsor duo that deserve to be linked to. So Teach Yourself Piano. Their CD Sweet Waltz, Bitter Waltz came out recently, and hopefully the rumoured Pictures by Sandi Wheaton will also become available soon.

On the GPLv3

There seem to be so many people who think that the DRM style signing of binaries is unavoidable and easily circumvented, but I am convinced this is not so. All that the FSF need do in writing (or just in interpreting) there upcoming licence is to consider the one-way hash functions on which cryptographically secure signatures depend (and in particular, on which any economically viable means of DRM depends) as being a binary with respect to the source from which it is generated. Then any entity that wishes to bless just one particular version of a piece of code by DRM means would, by virtue of the GPL, be conveying the binary they are trying to control, and thus subject to all the requirements and provisions of the GPL.

Fruitless Tech Support

I just went over with a friend and his laptop to a more distant acquaintance who was having problems connecting to the Internet. Her daughter had been over earlier with her own computer so that she could read her own email, but that computer didn't work either. I was accompanying a third machine to be connected to a neat little RCA box that Cogeco cable uses as their black box connection to the internet. You merely connect to the box, et voila, you're online at 100Mb/s. Or at least that's the theory --- when it works.

So here I was tagging along in a purely supporting role as machine three tried its luck. And lucky it was. So everything seemed ok and we reconnected the original machine and it was working too --- for a while. Then it started to complain that various web sites didn't exist. You had to hit them two or three times before they responded, but eventually they did respond, and quickly too. "Aww, that's just the domain name servers acting up", I chimed in, "That's easy to fix --- don't do anything and Cogeco will eventually fix it for us. It's not our problem at all". I was wrong, as it turned out. This wasn't just a transient problem but the final stages of chronic net rot which had been going on for some time.


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